Thursday, December 01, 2005

Naked Stix 2006

Looking at my list of projects on the needles, I realized I needed to join

Naked Stix

So, here is my list:

- First Cables Sweater
I just started this for a cousin of mine's baby - I am going to meet the baby at x-mas.

- Paperino's set with Cascade 220 Superwash
this started as a pair of mittens I was making from leftovers, then he wanted a hat:

Mittens and hat

and now he is asking for socks too (striped, red and white). Well, this is going to be easy, worsted weight socks for a 5 years old? One evening, maybe two.

- Little Cables Socks with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport
I am at the ankle of the first sock. This is a x-mas present for my best friend in Italy, so I must.finish.this.

- Ruffles with Noro Lily
This was an impulse cast-on, no idea why I am knitting this. I do not wear pink, not pink-pink. Principessa? So that she can lose it? Don't know. Let's call it a yet-to-be-assigned x-mas present.

- Striped Pullover
Present for my nephew, so close on this one!

- Debbie Bliss Simple Jacket with Collar
Among the 84, given or taken, 2005 projects, guess how many were for me? 6
I need to finish this, and wear it at x-mas.

- Hopeful with SWTC Beyond in turquoise
Principessa is asking every day if I am done with it, and she was supposed to knit it. Only sleeves missing.

- Nothing But a T-shirt
Yes, I frogged and re-started it a long time ago. Well, I am not planning to finish this one before next year.

- Branching Out Wristwarmers
Found them and actually worked on them on Monday, I am at the thumb hole of the first one. The modified lace pattern works, I need to do one more repeat, or maybe two, I am so happy. Together with Branching Out The Scarf, they are going to be another x-mas present.

- Escher Blankets
I am actually working on a Escher bag.

So, what else do I need to make before 2006?
Another pair of wristwarmers to go with Sciarpetta (one more x-mas gift), two ponchos for my nieces (they are 10 months and 2 years old, I am talking about big ponchos here), something for my sister (maybe this lace capelet).

Unrealistic? Think almost 18 hours flight.