Sunday, May 22, 2005

It's done

Actually, it was done yesterday at 1:30 pm so I did wear it at the Full Thread Ahead lunch party. Here it is:

Nothin' But a T-shirt

Pattern by Alison Hansel from MagKnit
Yarn: Jo Sharp Desert Garden

My gauge was 15 sts / 4", so I had to do some math with the pattern. I love the drape and the feel of the Desert Garden, but it splits like hell. It's like knitting with a bunch of fine threads instead of one thread of yarn. And the balls unravel into a complete mess as soon as you touch them, even worse than Debbie Bliss! I think that the reason for this is that even if the balls look like a decent size, there are only 60 yards of yarn in them, so they are winded very loosely. If I use it again, I may try going down one needle size (7 instead of 8), since while I love how it knits on #8, the fabric is not very dense. I used 10 balls for the MC and 1 ball of the CC (click here to see how much was left of the 10th ball) for size 38.

I was so exhausted from all the sewing that after the party the only knitting energy I had left was for petting my new beautiful stash and knit something very dull and simple. So I casted for Mom's Sophisticated Scarf by Nicholas Caratzas from SnB Nation with Wool of the Andes in Spruce - it's just a very simple basketwave scarf and I have already knitted one whole skein. I really wanted to cast My So Called Scarf with Handspun Bulky Wool, but my only pair of US #11 needles are tied up with the Wavy Boxes Baby Blanket.

Now, according to my plans, next project up is A-Line Jacket with Jaeger Trinity Indigo, my stashbusher project for May. Yes, I am starting my May project on May 22, you can laugh. Actually, I may start my May project on May 22, because a) will I resist to the Bamboo and the Oasis calling my name from downstairs? b) I have a gazillion scarves to make as "Paperino is graduating from pre-school" presents to his teachers.

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