Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Predictable "2011" Post

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Washington DC Trip HatClara Valentine HatCat Mouse HatKarabella BSJSherwood SocksAmour Cowl
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"At the movies" Blue HatHollis' Charade SocksCashmere Juno ReginaBlue and Yellow HatPink and White Baby HatRoyal Baby Cardi
Finished Projects 2011, a set on Flickr.
From my handy Excel spreadsheet, here are the 2011 stats:

Yarn knitted: 16,377 yards and 43 projects
Yarn swapped out or gifted: 6,647 yards
Incoming yarn: 18,654 yards

Balance: -4,370 yards (negative number is good, it means that I actually manage to consume more yarn than I acquired.)

Interesting facts:
- in 2010 I knit about 16,000 yards as well;
- at this rate, I have 5 years worth of yarn in my stash.

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