Thursday, October 13, 2011

My poor neglected blog

I was actually pleasantly surprise to see that last time I posted was in July, I completely forgot those posts from Italy and I would have sworn that last post was from before the summer.
Anyway, I am back home and I can't believe that it is the middle of October already!
Principessa started high school (Go Bears!), Paperino middle school and we are all terribly busy.

While I was still in Italy I finished my Vivace Cardi that took all summer:

Vivace Cardi 

And since back I made another pair of socks:

Turquoise Jeans Socks 
Look how different the colorway is even if from the same dye lot! I would have made really mad if I were knitting a shawl .......

Stats year-to-date for 2011: 30 projects, 10,749 yards of yarn knitted, 5,604 yards given away, 8,920 acquired, stash balance: -7,4,34 yards.

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