Sunday, December 26, 2010

Clean Slate 2011

A recurring dream of mine is to start a new year with no UFO's, a clean slate.
Here what I have right now:

Karabella House Socks: will be done today
Karabella Legwarmers
Sherwood Socks
Hummingbird One Row Scarf
Artesano Fingerless Mitts (it should take few hours)
White and Orange Inside-Outside Scarf
Italy Vanilla Socks
Sesia Ribby Pulli
Purple Capelet (I am losing interest in this one, if I frog it, it's gone ......)
Swirl Cardi
Handpainted Cardi
Paton Stretch Vanilla Toe-up Socks
Karabella Cece
Pink Pretty Thing

It is not going to happen, isn't it?

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