Monday, November 29, 2010

Socks and more socks

My Gelato Socks have been done for a while now:

Gelato Socks

just in time for some serious cold weather (if you do not live in California, go ahead at laugh at 56F, but I am from Italy and I just do not get why people living in places with snow on the ground do not run someplace else.)

Gelato Socks
Pattern: my standard toe-up vanilla sock
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici (a yarn is felice, not felici, but this one is so soft that I do not even care at the usually irritating misuse of the Italian language.)
Raverly project page: here.

I have about 5 more pairs of socks on the needles at various stages:

Italy Vanilla Socks

Paton Stretch Vanilla Toe-up Socks

Sherwood Socks

These are the only one that are not my usual toe-up vanilla socks, I am knitting Back to Basicsby Deb Barnhil, that is based on a Cat Bordhi's sockitecture: usually this new sockitectures irritate the hell out of me  (why look at something and think, "there must be a way to make this unreasonably more complicate"), but I am actually enjoying knitting these (the fact that the yarn is really squishy and yummy does help.)

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