Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Catching up

Last time I was around here, I said that I brought seven project with me for my seven weeks summer vacation (plus socks, those does not count exactly like sock yarn does not count as stash.) How did it go?

On the flight to Italy I finished Mr. Pitt's Magic Socks, no photo taken before gifting them to my uncle.

I did not work a stitch on Sahara and I have actually decided it is going to the frog pound: I love the yarn and the color so much that I have decided it should be something that I would wear way more than a form fitting top. Like this one, for example.

I worked a little on my Karabella Cece, and I finished the Katia Jamaica Cardi: no photo of this either because my sister-in-law grabbed even before I could sew the buttons on. I requested pictures but nothing so far.

The Forest Canopy Shawl was finished and now it is no more: it came out quite small, so I decided to add an extra repeat since I had leftover yarn. Turns out, not enough, so I am altering the border a little.
It will join my pile of unblocked shawls soon:


I started Pretty Thing about 3 times and never got the count right, but I finished Icarus (see pile of unblocked shawls) and the Sweetheart Cardigan:

Arcadia Sweetheart Cardi
Pattern: Sweetheart Cardigan by Laura Brown
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Arcadia
Ravelry page: here

The niece this was intended to declared, while watching me knitting, that she likes yellow. Well, I have plenty of nieces, and plenty of yarn, so here it comes Helena in yellow:

Gold Helena

On my way back I finished the Purple July Socks:

Purple July Socks
Pattern: July Socks by Lucia Tedesco
Yarn: LuLu's Yarns Supersock Merino Heavy
Ravelry page: here

And I started the Nutkin Socks in Sockin' Sox, that are now my on-the-go project: soccer season has just started, lots of knitting ahead of me!

Nutkin Socks