Sunday, January 25, 2009

Working on sweater number two

Since the beginning of 2009 (25 days) I have posted three time - not a good beginning, right? Life is busy, no need to say, and rainy days seriously halt picture taking. Today I took advantage of sunshine and here we go.

After finishing Everything But the Kitchen Sink (and never been happier with a sweater, I wear it almost everyday, people will start think is my only clothing), I immediately casted on for Ingenue:


First set back: I followed instructions (what was I thinking?) and the collar calls for 10 repeats of the pattern. The photo clearly shows 5, and if you knit 10 you end up with a monster collar. Rip rip rip back to 5 repeats, that's better:


It is the perfect basketball game knit, round and round I go (Paperino started basketball and that is sometime I like to watch!)


Of course, the fact that I have committed to knit 12 sweater in 12 months has not kept me from knitting a pair of socks, a finishing a cowl, and knit my first beaded piece for Stretch Your Stitches in the meantime. More about the socks soon.