Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Severe Weather Alert

Again? Yep, 98º with no wind again today, and probably tomorrow and Wednesday as well. Maybe correlated to the extreme temperatures, two extraordinary events: my stash dropping below 400 balls and my uttermost lack of desire of casting on anything new. When not focused on my new toy (meet Guglielmina), I have been finishing up projects laying around since last year:

Baby Surprise Jacket
EZ Baby Surprise Jacket in Lana Grossa Numero UnoPrint

Got the buttons last night, it's done!

Blue Sweater
Paperino's blue sweater, in Fibranatura Sensational and Karabella Aurora 8

Almost done, ends still loose, and .... the collar. What have this two projects in common? A freakishly small collar and EZ's instructions (I made up the sweater on the fly but I followed EZ's instructions for the collar), so I am starting to think that she had a penchant for freakishly small collars.

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