Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I had a plan

I had a plan for my little contest, and that should have been a source of worry by itself. My plans do not work. Ever. Period. If I do not put much thought into something, it usually works. If I do not follow the plan, everything goes well. Try to plan something out and follow through? This happens:

Gryffondor Socks

My plan? My plan was to reveal the pattern once I have knit enough of it to make it evident. So, I ripped that darn thing about 5 times in 3 days.
For honesty's sake I need to admit that much rippage had occurred even before this latest bout of it, so I probably should have given up earlier, and that the yarn was right, it is not meant to be this pattern.
Redford Phyl was right, it is Cat Bordhi's Clematis Vine, and it had driven me crazy from day one.
First, do I need it to say? gauge. It needs a gauge of 8.5, I got 11. On Us #1. So off the window goes the plan to get gauge reducing the needles size (not that I did not try.)
Well, let's look at Chapter 10 - Freedom of Number and get the right numbers from the tables. Nice plan. The tables go up to gauge 9.5 - did I mention that I got 11?
Study the master plan for the Riverbed architecture and calculate my own numbers.
Figure out pretty soon that this is not your standard Riverbed architecture so the standard numbers do not work. Recalculate the numbers (and hope that I got the logic right.)
Imagine several rip back due between all these steps and you got the picture. Pretty much the one above.

I officially give up. This yarn is not going to be the Clematis Vine, it is pretty clear even to me now that it does not want to. And no, it cannot change its mind now.

So, it is October 10, and these socks, that are a pair for Gryffondor socks for the Hogwart Sock Swap (I do hope that my partner is not reading this, and if you are, just have faith), are due on October 31st. New plan? No, plans do not work. I'll just wing it.

Contest winners: Redford Phyl because she was right and

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