Sunday, October 21, 2007

Feeling overly confident

Remember when I said that nothing can wrong with a Jaywalker? Ah ah, look here:


No, the sock was not supposed to be 11 inches long, but sometime toward the end of the foot I forgot I was knitting them toe-up (I think, it looks like the only explanation for what I did), and I decided to knit the heel and then turn it, so I have a sock with the heel under the foot:


Do you think I noticed? No, a friend of mine, who is not a knitter, looked at my socks and asked, "You are turning the heel now? Isn't it too long?". Yes, I do have friends who do not knit but know stuff like "turning the heel", because, well, what do you think I talk about all the time?

So, rip rip rip. And a FO (every once in a while something needs to go right):

Hand warmer

Men's handwarmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, in Claudia Handpainted Worsted, just half a skein, for my dad. Another check on the x-mas list.

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