Friday, August 31, 2007

Back to school

The kids are back to school and I spent the whole week running around like a crazy lady. I thought the plan was that they went back to school and I had more time not less. The lack of time is mostly due to the fact that their schedule is not set yet, I am anxiously waiting for September 10, when everything is supposed to fall into places.

Even with soccer season already in full force, I haven't had much time to knit, but something I did. I finally finished the piece for One Planet Yarn and Fiber (I am so late but they have been so good and have not complained), I finished the first of my Lace Mock Cable socks that I am knitting for Sockapalooza 4 (I did mail my pal the contrasting toe socks, but still ......), and I took out of hibernation my SKB:


Can you believe it was on my January 2007 wip list? I was really surprised to see that I had finished the body - I did not remember that! But it looks awfully short, good thing I can easily lengthen the body (I do have plenty of yarn!)

And yes, I have been dyeing more and more, shop is updated!

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