Friday, July 27, 2007

Mostly socks

I have been back home since last Thursday, and I am still digging my way out of emails, 54 still unread on my gmail account, 83 on yahoo, while I managed to read (notice I say "read" not "answer") all my work-related emails. Italy was beautiful as ever, and hot, so what did I knit? Mostly socks.

My brother socks

These are the socks for my brother that almost did not get finished thanks to the Prague airport security that decided that my plastic dpn'd were too dangerous to be allowed on the plane (my birch dpn's were ok though - go figure!)
So I got home from Prague with no US 4 dpn's - and I had none because "home" in this case is my parents' place on the beach near Roma, of course I had plenty "home" in the US. Buy another set? Easier said than done. After several days of search, I settled for 80 cm circular, and I magic-looped. Me, magic-loop. Let's just say that I am very glad that all the sliding stitches around is behind me.

My sister-in-law socks

These were finished on my way to Italy, thanks to several hours of delay in London. I wonder, what muggles do when they are stuck in airports? Besides yelling at the guy behind the desk, like that is going to make the bad weather go away or airplanes apparate. At least, I get socks.

Ravenclaw Socks

Ravenclaw sock on their way to my Hogwarts Sock Swap partner, with a ball of yarn I picked up for her in Dresden, chocolate and cookies from Italy, stitch markers and needles. And I graduated to second year!

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