Monday, June 11, 2007

See this?

Snap Cardigan

It's the Snap Cardigan, all done but the seams.

It is coming with me to Italy, where mom is going to sew the snap strips on.
And the fact that it is done brings my balls total down by 10 - 482 balls for 85,458 yards!

Of course a lot of knitting is coming with me in Italy (yes, there are yarn stores in Italy, no, I usually do not buy yarn when I am there.)
I am bringing four socks for the flight. I do know that I can knit one sock from SF to Heathrow, but what if I am stuck someplace? If we are lost, my children will have socks.
So I am bringing my second Calza Rossa, the second Trekking XXL sock, and my Ravenclaw socks.
Then projects for when I am there:
- Lacy Little Scarf in Curious Creek Fiber Omo in Grotto
- my Sugar Maple Shawl in handdyed cashmere - I am about 33% done
- Simple Knitted Bodice - I am at the lace
- my new design for One Planet Yarn and Fiber - I got today the yarn and it is to die for
- the shrug from the Twin Set by Sharon Shoji from Knitscene.

So, if we are lost, my children will have a whole wardrobe.

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