Sunday, April 01, 2007


Seriuosly? And where did March go? And if someone finds it, can they check for February too?
This past week has been especially blurry because I fell sick on Sunday night and I slept until Thursday morning. HWME needed to be the "mom" for few days, and he is still shell shocked. I do not think he realized what a number 10 years of full time working mom guilt had done on me, and so how complicated the kids' schedule has gotten this year that I am their full time driver.

There was some knitting while I was sick (not much, HWME was very worried), it's time for the monthly check on my knit-along.

My March projects were:
- Reynolds Dover Pullover
- Debbie Bliss' Mia from the book "Junior Knits"
- Jaywalker
I finished the sleeves of the pullover, I just have to finish the edging of Mia (already picked up the gazilion stitches), and I finish my Jaywalkers:

The Ugly Jaywalkers

They have been renamed "the ugly Jaywalker" - have you ever seen more hideous pooling? Knit Picks Sock Garden. So appaling I like them.

The plan for April? Keep working on Mia and finish the Simple Knitted Bodice. The list is getting shorter!

Well, the ugly Jaywalkers are for me - I can't certainly give them to someone else!

Green, pink, and yellow? I am still working on two of my blue projects. Green and yellow are not really my colors, but I have sign-up for the ISE again and I making a scarf with this:

CTH Silk & merino

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