Thursday, November 02, 2006

My obsession

fingerless mitts
Socks are nice, but, seriously, who ever see them? Besides other knitters, who looks at your feet before even saying "Hi". I have decided that my obsession will be mittens, gloves, and those sort of things. Things that cannot be missed, and that are not hidden in my shoes. They are portable, and come in all shapes and form. And even Principessa wants them.
So after having knit several pairs of fingerless mittens from Last Minute Knitted Gift (love them very much), I am branching out to new patterns. Principessa chose ArtYarn Supermerino 8 for hers, pattern by the very talented Wendy, I changed nothing but using needles US #6, and voila', Principessa size fingerless mitts.
Next? I have been itching to make these since I saw them on Knitty Gritty, and look what's on November MagKnits!

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