Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Black Hole

I thought I have it figured it out, the answer to my question. Jennifer gave me an hint, she gets up before the kids. Sorry, can't do that, I am not a morning person, and at least one of them seems to be. Bad karma, I think, I must be guilty of something. But I ship them to bed between 8:30 and 9, and I am a night owl, so I can just bring my laptop to bed with me, and blog, read, while HWME watches TV. Sounds like a plan?

Fingerless Mitten

Kind of, because then, when I am going to knit? Evenings are my knitting time. I swear, there a black hole phenomenon going on around here and it is swallowing my time.
I am happy I do not have to knit the second one of this baby, sample for the store, so who needs two? And yes, I joined the staff, like Hollis keeps telling everybody referring to me as "a published designer" and I keep looking over my shoulder to see whom she is talking about, but it's only four hours every morning while the children are in school. So, again, my black hole theory.

The Fingerless Mitten is from One Skein and the yarn is Glimmer from The Alpaca Yarn Company in bronze. And school starts the third week of August, but my in-laws are visiting. They want time with the kids and Hollis will lie for me and say that she really needs at the store. She is nice that way.

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