Monday, July 17, 2006

Small Projects

Since I have been back, I seem incapable to settle on a "big" project. I have several in my never-ending queue, but I cannot bring myself to start one. Or to work on one of the several that are on the needles. So, I am working on quick and dirty stuff. I finally finished the Baby Hat from One Skein:

Baby Hat

I cannot say that I enjoyed this pattern, no chart for the lace part, so it took me forever. Yes, I know, I should have just converted the stupid written out instruction into a chart, and I still may do that because I plan to make another one. And while I love the yarn (Inspirations Yarn "Decaf"), I believe this pattern really calls for a solid color.

Even simpler than a hat, a dishcloth, actually a bread basket cloth:

Bread Basket Cloth

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