Thursday, July 20, 2006

I long for winter

Angora Hat

At 33C (92F), what I decided to knit? An angora hat, and a scarf. I am insane, or playing a game with weather. It's hot? I do not think so, I am knitting with angora! I even found myself sketching a alpaca pullover, the kind you will wear near the fireplace when it is snowing outside. Forget that it is never snowing around here and that I hate snow, I need a red alpaca pullover.
The angora hat? It's this pattern, and I am using a ball of Patricia Roberts Angora my Knitty SP4 sent me, it's like knitting a cloud.

The purple ball is going to be the scarf, Anny Blatt Victoria and Angora Super held together. You see, if I am knitting angora and sketching alpaca, winter can't be that far away. Even if there is no winter over here.

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