Monday, June 05, 2006

The Very Berry T-shirt

Very Berry T-shirt

Have you ever noticed how knitting makes you wish for things you really not wish for? The Very Berry t-shirt made me wish Princessa had boobs last night. I caught myself pretty quickly and I shudder at the thought, she is 9 and if I could devise a plan to make her stop growing up, I would do it in a heart beat. It is really unfair that her first year lasted forever, at least two, and then, I do not pay attention for a couple of weeks, and boom!, she is 9 year old, half way to adulthood and college. I do not want her to grow up.

Still, the Very Berry T-shirt, that used to be the Very Berry Tank Top, but then became the Very Berry T-shirt because Principessa goes to junior middle school next year (or whatever a school that goes from 4th grade to 8th grade is called), and there is a dress code. I suspect the dress code keeps her up at night, and one morning she told me that since the straps of a tank top need to be at least 1 inch wide, she wanted a t-shirt instead. Why not a tank top with 1 inch wide straps, you ask? I don't know, maybe she does not trust me with the local wonky system? Or with counting? And maybe she is right?

It's not that I am not good at math; I am very good at math. I have a Ph.D. in Statistics. No, that's a lie, my Ph.D. is in an obscure sub specialty of Statistics. But when I said that I have a Ph.D. in "insert obscure term here", people starts asking questions, so I lie. Anyway, that is what gets me. Not the lies, I am very good at that as well, but statistics. You see, everything within a 90% confidence interval is good enough for me. And then knitting puts me back to my place, because 10% variation on a sweater is a lot.

So, the Very Berry T-shirt is knitted from the bottom up. With tiny sleeves - just enough that it can be called t-shirt and pass the dress code. So 55 stitches for the sleeves, 25% of that is the underarm, 165 stitches the body, 165-28=137, 137/2=68.5, so 69 stitches front and 68 back. My notes say, "76 sts front, 75 sts back". @#$%*@#$%^&

So, I have attached the sleeves and I have a front of 76 stitches and a back of 62 sts, a difference of 2.6 inches (see? I can do wonky.) It would be ok if she had boobs.

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