Friday, June 02, 2006

I got the radio box!

Look, the radio box landed on my front porch:


and look what was inside:

Yarn Aboard

What a loot! And guess who sent it to me? The same Wendy who sent me that amazing Knitters Tea Swap package! She really know how to spoil me, Cherry Tree Hill (I can never too much CTH):

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino

Misti Alpaca Lace:

Misti Alpaca Lace

My favorite candies in a bowl she felted for me:

felted bowl

The most beautiful tags for my handmade gifts, a journal, a row counter I was thinking today I needed, one of those Lantern Moon silk bags I have been wanting forever, a chibi ......

Radio Box Goodies

Thank you, Wendy, again, you made my week!

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