Saturday, April 08, 2006

She laughs

I have leftover yarn from both Fragola's, winter and summer, Cascade Superwash and Lana Grossa Toccata. Soft, pink yarns, perfect for Warming Grace. Plus I know my gauge already, and I am so diligent that I went into Principessa's room, got Fragola and double checked. Yes, as I thought, 5 sts/1". I am using the lace zig-zag pattern I used for Scarfa, I know it by heart.

So I make the first square, I am very happy. 5 inches is ..... 12.5 cm .... uhm, this looks bigger. Measuring tape. !@#$% it is bigger!

My gauge is 5 sts / 1" on US #7, I used #8.

Can you hear the knitting goddess laughing?

I made two more hats for the Dulaan Project as an offering.

Hat for the Dulaan Project

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