Friday, January 13, 2006

SPs, mysterious packages, and socks

So, SP7 has started. I got my match and I have already planned my first package to the person I am spoiling, and my SP7 has already sent me two funny e-cards. I feel spoiled already!

Sign up for Felted SP2 is closing tomorrow at midnight Pacific Time - well, let's be honest, I am not checking my email at midnight, you guys have time until I wake up on Sunday morning. Want to join? Click here:

Felted SP2

And speaking of secret pals, yesterday I received yet another mysterious package with no note inside. You may remember this, which is still a mystery. Yesterday package contained 2 ball of Cottonease in pink and one ball of Crystal Palace - as I said no note, but it is from Chrissie B. from KY.

Thank you, Chrissie!

Oh, and I said socks, right? I did start my first Jaywalker sock last night, but sorry, no pic due to the limited availability of daylight (but I finally broke down and order one of those OTTlite, let's see if it is as good as they say). But here is a photo of the Elfine's socks I started a while ago.

Elfine's socks

I have two socks on the needles at once, not that I think about it, this is a prime.

EDITED to ADD: Thanks to Jessica, the mystery is solved - I won the yarn donating to Earthquake Donations. Chrissie from Kntting and 9-0 donated the yarn I won.