Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yarn coming out

When He Who Makes Espresso is not here, this thing happens: yarn starts coming out of the cherry chest, the closet, and few other places. Don't know how it happens, I may give in to the theory that yarn has some cognitive capability and
1. It knows that I am lonely and wants to warm me;
2. It knows that HWME does not like yarn that much, so it stays away when he is around.
I wonder if computer parts, CPUs, and cables (the computer kind) start coming out of his closets and the garage when I am away.

So I am without caffeine again. This morning I gave up and I stopped at Peet's coming to work. And no, I won't use the espresso machine we have at home. HWME does not touch my stash, I don't touch la Pavoni - we have deal.

So, among the yarn that is coming out, Karabella Aurora 8 is particularly aggressive. She is right in my face, saying: “Knit me now! I know you want to, and you know what. I am going to be Almost Stripes and Pearl Buttons Cardi”.

Pearl Buttons Cardi really surprised me, she thought of that all by herself, I swear. Almost Stripes is me, I told her a while ago, you are going to be this and showed her the sketch, but no, Grape Aurora keeps saying: “Pearl Buttons Cardi, I say, start sketching!” Freaky. I am kind of glad HWME comes home soon, so I can shove her back in the cherry chest.

The problem is, I have a schedule and deadlines. And as much as I never follow a plan and I ignore deadlines, sometime a girl has to what a girl has to do, right? My nephew’s birthday was at the beginning of October, and I going to see him this weekend, so his sweater better be ready, right? Done, last night, finished, check. Need to sew the underarms, weave ends in, buttons, that’s it.

My MagKnits submission needs to be by Friday 25th, but that is Thanksgiving week, so I really want to finish this week and take the photos this weekend. I need to knit the sleeves and I am done. And on that subject, thank you so much for all the kind comments and congratulations. The December issue is going to be a kids issue, and my pattern is a girl cardi – not saying more.

My mom’s birthday is in less than 10 days, and I am making her socks with this. Well, maybe one and she gets the second for Christmas, what about that? She is mom, she will understand if I tell her that it is Ruffles' fault, right?

You would think that a yarn called “lily” would be shy and polite. No, Lily was the first one jumping out of the chest as soon as HWME was out the door.