Sunday, October 23, 2005

Shopping around and de-stashing

Usually on Friday Jenifer blogs about her shopping online bargain hunting, so here are my hunting habits.
The first stop is always here, sale or not sale. Yes, Full Thread Ahead is my LYS and I know Hollis' inventory, well, maybe not as well as her, but close. Still, I love to check out which new yarns she has put on the online store. Her inventory is way larger than what she has up there. So, while we are there, have you seen the new Karaoke colors? I tell you, in real life they are even more stunning! And I get to play with some because I am doing a store sample:

Karaoke fish

with my Fish pattern. Go get some, it is 10% off! And it is the most amazing yarn I have ever touched, unbelieveable soft, I can't put it down!

And I forgot to mention that this and this are store sample for Full Thread Ahead as well, and that Hollis is going to offer my Holly Hat pattern free with purchase.

Next stop is Knit Pixie - I just love the layout of their website, so airy and light. I do not shop there much, mostly because their inventory overlaps with Full Thread Ahead a lot, but I always check the closeouts - I may find some Karabella Aurora on sale! And I did, yesterday. Snatched all up.

Knit Pixie has Vesper Yarn in their one-of-a-kind yarns, but I usually get it directly on Etsy, where lately I found Sunshine Yarns - not a bargain, but heavenly.

Another online store whose sale items I regularly check is Knit Happens - Kristine carries several yarns that my LYS does not carry, like, again, Karabella, on sale!

My other regular stops are What's new at Elann, Little Knits, and Knitty Noddy - Evelyn carries Lana Grossa, a brand I love.

Oh, and just for this month, Jimmy Beans Wool has a different yarn each day week at 40% - I am stalking the place for some Katia Jamaica.

So, with so many great yarns out there, I am de-stashing a little - click here if interested.