Friday, October 28, 2005

Knitty SP gifts

The other day I received the most amazing and thoughtful package from my Knitty SP:

Knitty SP5 package

The thing that is peeking out of the white paper is the most adorable pumpkin that she made for me!

Knitty SP5 pumkin

Treats for the kids:

Knitty SP5 gifts

and treats for me in the most cute Tweedy Bird bag:

Knitty SP5 gifts

She is paying attention, because in the bag there are instructions for two toe-up on two circular that I said I had lost, and of course yarn:

Knitty SP5 gifts

and chocolate, and beautiful stitch-markers:

Knitty SP5 gifts

The very day the package arrived,I was thinking I need socks in fall colors, and there it is!