Thursday, September 29, 2005


I saw this on Wendy's blog and I thought: "What a cute idea".
Moment of honesty: Kristine is having an anniversary promotion on her online store and everything is 10% off. She has Karabella Aurora 8 already on sale and I have been dying to to try it.
So I asked Principessa if she would like me to knit her a sweater in her school colors, red and white. Pause. Longer pause. Then she sighs and shots me one of her looks.
"Mom", she starts. Nothing good ever comes out after "mom", if it is good I am either "mommy" or "mamma".
"Mom, the spirit wear is sold as a fundraising for the school, you should know that".
I should know because I am on the board of the school foundation, but in my defense I will say that the PTA, not the foundation, sells the spiritwear. We do not sell, we ask for money, directly and, big checks, please.
"The only reason why I wear the spiritwear", she continues without giving me the possibility of reminding her I am not a PTA mom, "is to support the fundraising effort. Wearing something you knit in red and white would not make any sense, wouldn't it? I do not even look good in red".
May I remind everybody she is not even nine years old? I am scared.
But then, this is the child who, when four and asked what she would like to be when grown up, said: "I would like to have Greenspan's job".
Well, Miss Chairman of the Federal Reserve, I'll buy the Karabella for Paperino.
But not in the school colors, she does have a point. As always.