Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Seen that?

There, in my left sidebar, it has been 24 since my last yarn purchase. I honestly don't know how it happened, I was not even trying. I think it does something to do with the fact that I actually think "where the heck I am going to store it?" - I am beyond "hiding it" right now - every time I think of buying yarn.
So yesterday evening I decided to re-organize my stash once again - read that as "combine and find more space". I am afraid that it is more organized, but I can't say that I have space left.
I managed to get all my acrylic stash - the one that is not counted in the 521 balls total nor documented here - in two big boxes. A couple of big skeins did not fit in them, so I am sending them to this lady. Generosity? No, self-serving "I needs space" effort.
Then, beside this chest filled to the brims, I have four plastic boxes and yarn stuffed in every space available of my closet. And three baskets that contains my current projects. Well, one basket used to contain the yarn for the kids' school knitting club, but I moved that to a tote since the club is starting next week, so it is two baskets with current projects and one basket with "knit soon" yarn. Knit soon because I do not know where to put it.
Oh, and I have a bag with the traveling projects. And a very small tote with my "always with me emergency project". And I bought a forth basket at Ikea on Sunday, where I put all my small projects.

Bottom line: shuffling things around does not help.

But I finished knitting Bloom, off to the crochet edge tonight!