Sunday, September 04, 2005

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Four skeins of Noro Gemstones, a gift of my wonderful SP4 Stacey, there hours of knitting and here I go:

Gemstones Scarf

Why, it's a scarf!

Gemstones Scarf

This yarn is soooo soft, and the colors! Well, Noro colors. Of course, being so fabulous, it has been discontinued. But I have my scarf!

I joined another knit-along:


Actually, we were waiting for the new Tivoli pattern, that now is out on MagKnit. I love this issue and I want to make Sesame too - like I don't have enough projects that I want to make. Maybe if all the knitting publications would just stop for a year or so, I could catch up.

I am working on yet another Quickie baby Sweater for a co-worker who is going to have a baby girl soon. Those sweater are so easy and quick to crank out that I am going to make one for afghans for Afghans - I have some Wool of the Andes in green that is perfect for it.

What about Gioia? Frogged. I tell you, that yarn is cursed.
Here is the thing: I love the color, I hate the texture of the yarn. As for the pattern, I love the stitch, I don't care for the funny shape.

So La Boheme is now becoming this:

La Boheme Scarf

The same pattern as the Gemstones scarf, easy and quick. And I am going to finish it. Promise.