Monday, August 01, 2005

La Boheme does not want to be an opera

And frankly, I do not think this

La Boheme

suits Mimi well. In fact, I was thinking of La Traviata, and then La Tosca because this red would looks wonderful again the evening sky on the terrace of Castel Sant' Angelo:

Castel Sant'Angelo

But no matter I hard I tried, that darn yarn does not want to be an opera. Yo and k2tog on big needles with double stand yarn? Hell.

So maybe I should lower my expectations and just let it be a musical? Yes, it is so Rosetta*


So I had a vision, me, my jeans, red shoes, jeans, button down white shirt and this:


having coffee at Sant' Eustachio. I am still looking for the perfect red shoes, I can't find any white shirts in my closet (I think I really need this) and I am an ocean and a continent away from Piazza Sant' eustachio. Well, it's my fantasy, isn't it?

*from Rugantino.

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