Wednesday, August 17, 2005


On August 2nd (yes, I remember the date) I was supposed to go to Stash with HoJo and Amy for an appearance of the Yarn Harlot. I could not go and I was so disappointed that I did not even blog about it. Thing was, a friend of mine got married. So what, people get married everyday. Yes, but we never thought that he would get married, and the ceremony was in Italy so we missed, but then since he had met his wife here while they were both at Stanford, a friend of them was throwing them a party while they were here - passing by to go to Hawaii and then Bali. So I went to the party.

But then, look what HoJo got me!

Hint: slide your mouse over.
It almost makes up for not being there!

And next time she is here (there will be a next time), a natural disaster won't keep me away.

Knitting news: I finished Haiku, so happy about it, finally a FO.


I am trying to finish Soleil now, before casting for another project, either OSW or Quickie Baby Sweater.