Sunday, June 26, 2005

Winner, FO's, yarn and more

We did it - yesterday our team knitted chemo caps galore and we raised additional money selling them on the spot. And we recruited more knitters on the fly, people just stopping by saying "I am a knitter too", to which the answer was: "Here, sit and finish this!"
This is an example of the caps we were knitting:

Chemo Hat

The yarn is Optimum by SWTC and some eye lash yarn. I must tell you, this optim wool is one of the softest thing I have ever touched, so here my latest addition to my stash:


It balance out the ball I used for Wavy Gravy #2:

Wavy Boxes Baby Blanket and Wavy Gravy Scarf

pictured with the blanket for PPR that I finished a while ago.

And what's this?

Malabrigo Hat

Why, it is the hat for teacher Ronnie, strike that from the list. I found this hat in my "finished object box", so yay! I am only missing three scarves.

But back to the Relay for Life, I'll let HoJo give a complete report, but I'll say that I did received contributions for $430 so we have a winner for my little contest, and the winner is Michelle M.!
Now, I have three different Michelle's who comment on my blog, I have no idea which one you are, so please email me!

Now, few more episode of the series "Do Not Open that Closet - Yarn!":

GGH Via Mala

Araucania Nature Wool

and the yarn for Soleil arrived:

Amazon DK

Total damage: +20!

Last but not least I joined yet another knit-along:


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