Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's raining

Someone should remind the weather gods that we are in California. It's raining, and the last two nights was really cold. And when the weather is wrong, other stuff goes wrong too.
I posted here that I was done with my baby tank top. Liar, liar. I went to sew up the sides and I realized that I have not pick up stitches along the whole armholes, but left a one inch out, both sides. Well, at least I am consistent! Ripped. But I was not in the mood of picking up stitches last night so I went on my search for the perfect shawl.

Haven't found it yet. Here are the facts: I want to use this yarn:


As you can see, I have 5 balls, 1,100 yards of fingering yarn. This colorway is perfect for my friend, it is really her, so I am set on the yarn. Now the pattern.

The thing is it can't be a busy pattern, stockinette looks great with all these colors, garter stitch looks horrible. So I tried a feather and fan pattern and it looked terrible. I tried another one, same story, so today I am off to look for a "not busy but not too boring shawl pattern". "Not busy" means "purl on the wrong side".

On scarves madness news, I have started a feather and fan scarf with some fingering yarn Paperino dyed.

And I started the Wavy Gravy scarf from SnB Nation. This is going fast (size 15 needles), and since I have two balls of Bernat Breeze, I am making two.

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