Wednesday, June 29, 2005

368 and still ....

368 + balls of yarn in my stash - yes, another ball down because I finished Buttercream #2 - do I have anything I can use for UMSP? Sauniell asked that question and the answer is no. Sigh, I do not buy fingering yarn in the massive quantity of 1,980 yards "just because", so I do have some fingering weight yarn in my stash, but nothing near that.
But then she proceeded to suggest:
"If it's something you think you'll wear a lot I would go for the Rowan Cashsoft or Cashcotton. Great yarn. If not, then I would try something at KnitPicks. "
And I had a similar conversation with Amy last night at the Peninsula Knitters meeting. I do not use sweaters that much, I live in California and I am a cardi girl. But I really love the sleeves of this one (don't care for the flap that I am not going to make, I'll just go straight up), and I would love to use KnitPicks yarn, since spending about $100 for something that I am not going to wear that much is something that sounds way off even to me. The only merino fingering weight yarns they have are sock garden and sock landscape, that I love because they are so soft, but the colors shout too much for a sweater. And they do not have solid, I wonder why.
I could talk myself into sock landscape, Red Wood Forest, but I still need a contrast yarn, and again, no solid to match. I wonder if I can buy Alpaca Cloud as contrast yarn and fudge with the needles size/pattern to make it work. Autumn.

That would be less than $40. Tempting.

And while I am browsing, isn't Paperdoll the sweetest colorway for a little girl?

Sock Memories - Paperdoll

But then, while talking to Amy, I looked down at the yet another scarf I was making:


Knit Pick Color Your Own, perfect gauge, I can buy 4 hanks of this, dyed three of them with Kool-aid black cherry (with some variegation), leave one hank white as contrast, and I have my sweater for less than 15 bucks!


And I could make it into a cardi if I want to, not so difficult, like I said, what I like are the sleeves. And if it is a cardi, I would use it a lot, so ....... No, I am not going there!

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