Sunday, April 24, 2005

Principessa's socks

Knee High Socks

and she is happy with them - and that is very important!

The socks are not alike, for some reason one is more pink, the other is more green, and the stripes do not match at all. Well, we all know that yarn will do whatever it wants to and laugh at us mortals. The other phenomenon that people who believe in gauge will find weird is that the socks are identical, in shape and rows and stitches, but I have leftover yarn for the second while I don't for the first one.

So, now that one project is off the needles, I can start something new, the most likely candidates are the pink cardi for Principessa and the Made with Love Layette for a colleague who is having a baby girl. I am going to use some Emu I got at a ridicule low price from Knitwerx.

Oh, and this is what you see in our kitchen these days:

Kool-aid Yarn

Need more Kool-aid.

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