Saturday, April 02, 2005

Nothin' but a t-shirt

I casted it yesterday and I am at the decreases for waist shaping. For once I started a knit-along when I was supposed to and I am going to stay on schedule. I am using Jo Sharp Desert Garden Cinnamon and Sandstone


and boy, do I love this yarn! It's soft and smooth and you can feel the elasticity of it while knitting. And it has a great stitch definition. As I said, I love it. Here is a photo of what I have done so far, even if the color is completely off:

Nothin' but a T-shirt

My Ribby Cardi is done! The tailor attached the zipper - four days and two tries to get that done, I am not going back to that !@#$% guy! I am thinking of re-doing the collar, I am not sure I actually like the rolled collar, I may change it to a mock turtleneck.

Ribby Cardi

The weird shadows is the flash - too lazy to go take the pic outside.

Mariah went back to the queue. It is summer here and it does not make sense for me to knit a wool cardi right now. I'll pick it up again in August/September for the winter. I'll make the Classical Cardi with the Jaeger now, even if I am re-thinking that too. After working with the Desert Garden, I may want to have a Jo Sharp Desert Garden cardi too. The new Knitty should be put soon, so I should be able to find another use for the Jaeger.

As for more knitting new, here is Dulaan hat #3:

Dulaan Hat #3

and the front of SnB Little Top:

SnB Little Top.

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  1. Love the nothing but a t shirt! The color looks great!

    Do you know what is funny? I did my Ribby in the mock turtleneck and I am thinking about changing it to the rolled collar! Ha!


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