Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sock, socks, socks

The Cashmerino socks are done:

Cashmerino Set

and I still have enough yarn to make another pair in dark blue, but yesterday Paperino had one of his famous jealousy fit and he made me cast for socks for him. I am using Cascade Fixation Lapis and while I am knitting he comes every five minute, shoves his foot under my nose and says "Let's try them!". I knitting them toe-up, casted 8 stitches and here I go, no pattern, flying solo! Plain stockinette for the foot, maybe some pattern for the leg.

But my plan for today is to finish the sleeves of my Ribbi Cardi - I really want to get over with it so that I can cast for Mariah.

The alpaca for Phoebe keeps staring at me ........

As of today, I am at day #9 of my yarn diet. Does anybody know how do I get one of those day counter things for my blog?


  1. Sorry for the multiple comments left below - blogger was acting a little funny. Cute hat and socks. Love the colors!!

  2. Yes, blogger is acting funny and Gracie had the same problem. I tried to fix it and now I have a bunch of "removed" comments :-(


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