Tuesday, March 15, 2005

So much yarn so little time

Do I get a medal or a ribbon to be at day 10 of my yarn diet? It was yesterday.

Well, since the loop hole is that I am allowed to buy yarn for my pals, I rewarded myself placing an order online on KnitPicks.

To answer Gracie's question, the diet will be over when all my stash will fit into the cherry chest and the blue top box. I am working really hard on the cherry chest, but I am nowhere near fitting all my yarn for charity in the blue top box - I probably need two of them. That says nothing good about me, doesn't it? I am not making enough afghan squares.

But I still receiving packages from orders placed pre-diet, so look:

Knitwerx order

my order from Knitwerx. I just love the green package, and the beautiful card. They even send me a card sample:

Knitwerx order

So, here is it, my latest stash enhancement:

Knitwerx order

enough to make two of Made with love layette.

On to knitting news, I am at the cap of the Ribby Cardi sleeves:

Ribby Cardi Sleeve

and even if I am done this week (I still have to order the zipper, I keep forgetting it), I won't wear until October, maybe. Look at the weather girl.

I already knitted the first ball of Sonata for the SnB Little Top for my sister, so that means that I am 20$ done:

SnB Little Top


  1. I'm so proud of your yarn diet!! I love the new stuff from Knitwerx though.

  2. I also keep the bulk of my yarn in a chest. It's a beautiful cedar chest that is big enough for me to fit in. I did mention only most of my yarn goes in there right? Haha! Needless to say, I declared a yarn diet myself on my own blog. Good luck!


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