Friday, February 18, 2005

News with no photos

This is what you get when you blog during your break at work, but I need to gloat about my SP4 and I cannot wait until I get home to my digital camera.

Thank you, SP4 - you rock!

Today I received my first package, and I have already made plans for the contents. She sent me a beautiful handpainted mug who is going to be the only mug who touches my lips when I drink the Adagio Tea Mango she sent me. And, do not worry, I am going to take out the beautiful Noro Shinano out of the mug, even if it looks so pretty in it. Again,

Thank you!

I plan to make Buttercream with the Shinano - I told you I already made plans!

And speaking of yarn, I did order 2 3 skeins of this:


from Knitty Noddy - Evelyn, the owner, is super nice, and the Lily is on sale, and the shipping is cost only, and she gave me a discount. I plan to make a mini Clapotis with it, whose pattern is found at Knit Pixie.


  1. Lu, dear, you ordered 3 skeins of the beautiful Lily!-) I just don't want you to be surprised when you open the box!

  2. Yes, I do know I ordered 3 LOL - typo


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