Monday, January 10, 2005

The sun is out

Well, it was, but I saw it, for two full hours from my window, there, behind my computer monitor. Usually I would not be so excited about the sun being out because I do live in California, but it has been raining since before Christmas. The weather has gone mad. It is going to rain again tonight, but it was there. Right now I can see greyish cloud and a small triangle of blue from my window. And it is not raining. I wonder if I can just send an email to my group and saying that I am leaving early because it is not raining and I just need to be outside. Knitting in the park.

Speaking of which, being this a knitting blog, progress report. The only thing I completed lately is a doll sock - afghan squares do not count unless I have made enough for a whole afghan. And being the sock the second sock, it was supposed to be the same size as the first one. No way, my gauge changed completely and it is way smaller. Sam, the doll, cannot complain, but I do need to do better for sockapalooza.

The border for the Valerie poncho is so long it will take forever to finish it since I am slow on circular needles. It is one of the projects I thought to write out as finished last week, but I am still working on it.

But I finally got my copy of "The Plot Against America", so I am on it!

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