Saturday, January 15, 2005

Stash enhancement

Been so bad. So bad. Sales are bad.

Knit Picks has come out with their own yarns - could I resist their prices? Absolutely not. I ordered Coal Wool of the Andes (for Bpt) and Yukon Sock Landscape, because it is the year of the socks.

Moving on to Elann, they would do me a favor if they raised their prices. As they are, I need to order and order. So the following is coming: Endless Summer Collection Lara, because spring will be here soon and Principessa will need something new, Filatura Di Crosa 501, for something I am dreaming up for Paperino, bunch of double point needles, Denise Interchangeable Long Cords, and something else I cannot say.

Then I discovered Knitting Help. Learned how to purl Continental style - well, kind of - and browsed their free pattern section. Saw this:


Want it. No impulse control, so I hop to the Yarn Shoppe and I order Jo Sharp Desert Garden.

But I was good and I resisted, fought and won my knitting ADD. Saturday is socks day, but the yarn for the socks that I plan to make for Sock it to me has not arrived yet. But, hear people, people hear, I did not start a new project, but I worked on Valerie and on the Bernat afghan. I really want to finish Valerie.

Oh, and yesterday I finished the back of the Ribbi Cardi.


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! What a great surprise for the gift certificate!

    I just got the email from Knit Picks... they are the devil.

  2. Thanks for the Knitting help link - never had any trouble knitting continental, but it seems like I can never quite purl right - maybe I can figure out what I am doing wrong!!!


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