Thursday, January 06, 2005

La Befana vien di notte .....

And indeed she arrived last night so the kids woke up to socks full of candies and small presents - they were both very happy. No presents or candies for the adults in the house, Mrs. Befana gives only to children.

The last but not least of my Tsunami relief purchase was made, I bought some Premiere by Classic Elite to make Anouk from Kaleidoscope Yarns - 25% of the proceeds from every order placed now through Saturday, January 8th will be donated to the Red Cross Tsunami/Earthquake relief effort.

The queue has now 20 items (gulp!) and I have added deadlines to the ones I have due dates for. I think that's it, I need to go on a yarn/pattern/no more browsing diet. 20 projects waiting to happen?

My weekly plan is going well - maybe I should not say since it has been only 3 days - but I am sticking to it. I finished my first PPR square last night, but it is not a square rather a small blanket - 14x16 inches - so I am going to send it to Indian Health Service together with more baby items I bought a while ago. But now I am already a square late for SSK since I did promise one a week.
Today I brought my Bernat afghan to work with me, hoping to get some knitting done at lunch time. Lunch time? There was not such a thing, of course.
I am really looking forward to tomorrow when I am going to finish Valerie (since I was waiting for the needles I ordered online, I swaped Valerie with the Ribby Cardi on Tuesday). So I am going to be done with it tomorrow, if everything goes well. And then Saturday is socks night and so Sam will have the second socks. Principessa will be pleased - finally mommy does something right. She is unhappy about the "laundry situation" again. Is 8 too young to learn how to run the washer?
Once Valerie is done, the next thing in the queue is a Cardi for a baby girl who is due any day now. The person who is charge of delivering the gift leaves on the 19th, and that gives me two Tuesday to whip the cardi up. Piece of cake! I am extremely happy about the fact that I am going to use some stash yarn - Cascade 220 in pink that Principessa did not like.
You all are starting to understand why we call her Principessa, right?

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  1. I think we are all little Principessas in our own minds....

    I'm glad your plan is going well!! Good job!


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