Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Divide et conquer

Reading Alison's "Tuesday is knitalong day" I had this idea to get my knitting ADD under control: what if I assign a day of the week to each project?
I am thinking:
Monday: The striped sweater for Paperino - to start the week well since this is my neglected project.
Tuesday: The Valerie poncho for Principessa
Wednesday: Charity squares - since I need something light to knit during the West Wing.
Thursday: The Bernat afghan - again, something easy for ER.
Friday: The Ribby Cardi - dreaming of the weekend.
Saturday: socks night!
Sunday: Juliana's afghan - charity work on Sunday is good, right?

That should be it - no extra project because I do not have a day for it. Is it going to work?

I am in desperate need of a plan for 2005. I got the idea from Kate's wrap up and looking at life but I am stuck at item #1.

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  1. Good luck with the plan! It sounds like a good one!!


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