Monday, December 20, 2004

Needles stash

Yesterday I went out specifically to buy another set of #7 straight needles. I am starting over the Ribby Cardi with #7, and it seems that I am knitting everything with 37 lately. But I have completely forgeotten that I have bid and won on a set of #7, #8 and #10 plus a circular needles on eBay, which arrived today. Is there such a thing as too many needles?

I completed the left stip of the Valerie poncho and I have started the left side - while I am feeling out new projects, I have ordered myself to finish this before starting a new. Speaking of which, maybe a friend with a toddler and a new-baby-to-be at the end of January is coming to visit during these holidays. Thinking about a blanket for the new boy and an hat for the toddler (now that I have my 16" circular needle, eh eh). Best of all, I do have the yarn for both projects - well, wait a minute, I do have three skeins of Daletta for the hat, but they are red, blue and black. I think I want a brighter third color than black.

During the weekend I taught a friend how to knit. She was really surprised at how simple it is and she could not believe that everything is basically done with two kinds if stitches. She left my house with two books of mine, headed to the LYS.

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