Thursday, November 18, 2004

Madil scarf

as promised, these are the photos of the Madil scarf. it's a very easy pattern and I am going to post it among my patterns before I gave it to the person I made it for and I forgot what I did.

Madil scarf

Madil scarf close-up

as for my one hour/one skein scarves, here they are:

one hour, one skein scarf

one hour one skein scarf

the yarn is Pattons Cha Cha and I have decided that I do not like working with eyelashes yarn at all. I already finished the second scarf (I do knit faster than I take photos) and I am on on a third one. I'll hope I can finish it tonight and make the fourth one too. at that point I am done with my eyelashes yarn and glad I am.

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