Wednesday, October 27, 2004

two baskets and a cube

I am organizing my stash and my projects. this is how I behave, I let everything go until I cannot take the chaos anymore.

now I have a blankets basket wih the pink blanket and the yarn for Rose's squares. I have 12 squares now, finished the 12th last night. it takes me 1 hour per square - just the time of one television show.

then a ponchos basket with my two poncho - yes, two, I started another one after I finished the back of the first one. for the lilac one I am using Bernat Baby Coordinates, 66 stiches, garther stich, and I am making two squares. the simpliest poncho ever and I think it's going to be a toddler size.

and them, my cube with all, well almost all of my yarn in it. some yarn is hidden away ...... and I am waiting for a new shippment.
the squares for Rose's blanket sit on top of the cube - all 12 of them!
so much yarn, so little time!

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