Monday, January 28, 2008

So, it has been a week ....

since last time I posted. Everyday I tell myself, "today is the day I am going to weave all those ends in so i can take a photo for the blog", and then life happens. But I did finish my SKB, no photos yet. Still, week number 5, FO number 5:

Baby Sweater
Yarn: Artyarn Supermerino in color #134, 2 skeins

The pattern is my version of the Quick or Quickie or 5 Hours Baby Sweater.

Monday, January 21, 2008

On a rainy MLK day

Not that I am complaining, we do need the rain here in California, fourth FO of 2008:

Mossy Jacket and Hat
Pattern: Mossy Jacket by Fawn Pea
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash n colorway #884 and Fibranatura Sensational in colorway "Still Water"

I love this pattern, it is so cute and quick, and the Fibranatura Seansational is destined to be among my favorite superwash merinos. I have 4 more balls left, and they are going to be a sweater for Paperino:

Yarn for Paperino's sweater

Friday, January 18, 2008

Third FO of the year

Week number three, FO number three? Could it be a pattern for 2008? Maybe, I do have enough project that are "almost there" that I could pull it off. (And if I wanted to be completely honest, I would admit that I finished a scarf and a hat too, but I am keeping those as "reserve".)

Thuja by Bobby Ziegler
Yarn:1 skeins = 225.0 yards (205.7m) of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted Multi in colorway 304 Black Watch

Fixing the shortage of yarn was pretty painless, and I do love both the pattern (second time around) and the yarn (what's not to love, it's Lorna's Laces!)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

First FO's of 2008

Since I seldom knit for myself, here you go, the first two FO's of 2008 are not for me.

Cardigan for my niece, in Universal Yarn Classic Worsted and Tango; as I said before, I did not care for the Classic Worsted (too much acrylic in it), but my sister will be able to throw it in the washer. The Tango, on the other hand, is a hoot.

More pictures here.

Basic Cable Hat by Christine Quirion, from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation, take 2.
I first knit this hat following the pattern, and it came out about a newborn size.
So I frogged, re-knitted it adding more repeats, and I ran out of yarn.
So I frogged, changed yarn, added more repeats, changed the ribbing so that it would flow into the pattern, and Principessa loves it.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I knew it

Thuja Socks

And I mean, I knew for sure that I did not have enough yarn for the second sock because once I finished the first one, I weighted it. 60 grams. How much yarn did I have left? 54 grams. 6 grams missing, pretty much a toe.

Ok, so here is my question. Actually, I have two questions:

1. Why, for the love of wool, I keep knitting socks from the top down, when I like toe up better and I do not end up with a missing toe?

2. Even if I know that I have not enough yarn, does it make it better?

I decided to knit the second sock anyway; now I am going to rip some rounds, to make the second one a little shorter, finish the second one ripping off the toe of the first one, and then I'll re-knit the first one a little shorter.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Girl After my Own Heart

My sister has been visiting from Italy during the Winter break. This is my 15-month old niece who decided that among all the toys and things we have in the house, the most interesting thing was the box with my leftovers of sock yarn:

My niece

She hauled the thing in the kitchen, figured out how to open it, and then squealed with delight over the yarn - she particularly liked my own hand-dyed.

She is getting a handknit sweater. Or maybe two. And a hat.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Where is my head?

I swear, it it weren't attached to my neck, I would probably lose it!

I completely forgot to tell you guys about this:


My latest original design for One Planet Yarn and Fiber in Black Pearl 100% Cashmere DK, the Seaside Tank, is available (actually, it has been available for a while) for purchase.
You may purchase from my new PayPal store widget (I love my new PayPal store widget!) on my sidebar or go to One Planet Yarn and Fiber. To buy their beautiful cashmere yarn, go here!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007, 2008

At the beginning of 2007 I made a list of resolutions - and I went back to check them out because 1. I did not remember if I did, 2. I had no idea how they went.

So, I wanted to knit more for me because in 2006, out of 84 FO's only 8 were for me. 2007? 3 out of 67. No comment. (But I swatched for this cardigan last night, even got gauge!)

I wanted to knit from stash, and I think I did. I still have 470 balls of yarn in my stash, and I still have sweater quantity of Malabrigo, hemp, Karabella Aurora 8, Blue Sky Alpacas, Debbie Bliss, Jo Sharp - but I manage to use all my Pakucho, I made this, and almost all my Karaoke for Sursa. Why still 470 then?

I wanted to finish all my 2006 UFO's, and I still have two (or three, it depends how I count) standing. Among these, the only one that really bothers me is the SKB: I finished the first sleeve at the end of September, and then I got sidetracked by the x-mas knitting, I am so close! (If I do not start three more sweaters because I am going to knit for me this year, for sheep's sake!)

2008? I have 19 FO's (plus one "in time out"), among which 6 are for me (if I do not give them away), and 470 balls of yarn.

Just for the record.